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Thomas Fouts & Kash the Dog – Always Exploring

November 9th, 2014 · No Comments · border collie-aussie mix dog

Hey there, it’s Thomas Fouts and his trusty Kash the Dog!

I, Thomas Fouts, am so lazy about posting on a regular basis. So I decided to show you some photos of Kash the Dog. I always have stuff to say about our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog. He just turned four years old and is at that stage where he understands what you are talking about most of the time.

Kash the Dog

Of course, everybody thinks their dog is the best dog in the world, and Kash is Thomas Fouts‘s┬ábest dog in the world!

The other day he took off barking at a squirrel, chasing it up a tree. But when he got to the tree, a branch sticking out went right down his throat! By the time I got to him he had broken the stick off and upchucked it. He was hurt. He even went into shock, his gums turned white and he wobbled.

I held him until he seemed to get all the bark out of his throat, no bleeding, just saliva. Once he calmed down he let me look down his throat. Only a scratch, no puncture. I kept an eye on him for two days.

collie mix

This photo of Kash the Dog was taken on his fourth birthday. We took him out for a hike in the wooded dunes at Van Buren State Park in South Haven, Michigan. He liked that. There were a ton of chipmunks chattering and he was in his glory chasing one then another!

We always carry a dog survival kit wherever we go. Of course, we have a two person survival kit with us when we travel too. You just never know what can happen. Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack

When we were in Northern California two summers ago, Kash the Dog was attacked by a fighting dog, looked like a pit bull/rottweiler/junkyard dog! Kash was lucky. He came out of the mess with a 6″ X 6″ piece of his “suit” hanging off his leg and a few puncture wounds. Like I said, he was lucky we were able to scare the other dog for just a moment, long enough for Kash to run away!

So always be as prepared as you can be.

Ok, so finally a real post. I’ll try to not stay away so long next time.

Thomas Fouts

Thomas Fouts & Kash the Dog


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