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American Pickers, I’m a Picker in America, Local Picker is Me

April 30th, 2012 · No Comments · American Pickers, Antique Store

American Pickers Emailed Me and Asked Me if I Wanted to be on Television!

Some time ago, last spring actually, the American Pickers emailed me and asked if I would mind being on TV if they came to my area.  They wanted me to hook them up with local people in the South Haven area/region that had unique collections of “stuff”.

I scrambled around and found 3 people that had some pretty cool collections.  I approached each of them and asked if they would mind showing the History Channel’s American Pickers television show their collection.  I was met with a resounding “hell no” from all three of them!

vintage oil can collection

Vintage Oil Cans and Collectibles

All three collectors were first concerned about security and privacy allowing television cameras on there property, and secondly, they all thought the pickers screwed the people they bought from!  I had to agree, it may be fun to watch on TV, but to actually have them at your place, nosing around in your collection, might be a bit much.

Oh well, it was interesting trying to find local collectors, and I even got to see some of the collections, but I wouldn’t want to show the world my stuff either.

I did some picking of my own this weekend.  I found a truly one-of-a-kind plumber’s tool box.  It was a wooden box covered in metal and leather with brass hob tacks in the most interesting design!  Cost: $10 and it was full of tools and parts.  I had to have someone help me load it, it was that heavy!

I also found a really cool 100 year old trunk that was covered with canvas and old with ornate metal pieces all over the thing.  Cost: $10!!!  So I am the local picker.  I pick for my antique store called Booth 21 at Sweet Pickins Antique Mall.

In the same kinda note, I am going to attempt to restore my old WheelHorse lawn tractor.  I am not much of a mechanic, but how hard can it be?  I will take photos of everything as I take it apart, label the part, and then piece by piece, fix, repair, replace and put it back together.  If it was made out of wood I would have no problem. (I’m a woodworker)

Birdhouse by Thomas Fouts

“Landing Goose”

Well, I am going to start the planning of a new home office structure and put it next to the garage.  It will be 12′ X 16′ so I don’t have to acquire a building permit.  This will be a quality constructed, insulated, and finished off “barn” that can double as a storage shed for a lawn mower and a motorcycle, or be my new place of employment.  I’ll be posting about that this summer. I need to let my arm heal a little more first.


Thomas Fouts
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