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learn digital photography

digital photography

Catbird eating suet from my finger

take great photos

My son Zach and his lunker bass

Animoto, digital photos

Pond frog

Learn to Play Guitar Methods

Jimmy Dillon and the Werewolves

Soul of Acoustic Guitar

Learn Digital PhotographyMilkweed bugs by Thomas Fouts

Cuddling bugs

Blue Racer Snake

Sweet little thing! (about 6-7 foot)

Links.  What?

Links. What?

Want to learn to play guitar like BB or David?   Go to …

PS. When BB King played in Grand Rapids Michigan several years ago, I was front row, center for the show.  I was just so groovin and totally into BB’s guitar, he held Lucille (his guitar) out to me, I hit a string and BB just held that note for what seemed like an eternity!  I was invited backstage after the show for BB Kings private birthday party.  What a night!

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